Jim Bramlett, SpeakerJim Bramlett is a seasoned business executive, author and speaker.  His book The Unconventional Thinking of Dominant Companies highlights how certain companies dominate their market space.  Jim uses that business topic as the foundation for his talks and does it in an unconventional way.

Jim engages the audience, interacts with them and makes it a dynamic and energetic event that attendees don’t forget.  He mixes in humor with real-life and relevant examples to the audience he is speaking.  He has spoken numerous times to logistics and transportation professionals and now branching out given the universal appeal of his subject matter.  His topic is relevant for any business audience.  His unconventional style with his material gives him the ability to be a keynote or motivational speaker.

Jim Bramlett, SpeakerRead about Jim’s New Book, “The Unconventional Thinking of Dominant Companies“.