Solving The Last Mile Connectivity Problem

We believe it should be far easier, less time-consuming, and
more cost-effective to connect and manage your delivery partners.

Single integration for real-time data exchange and visibility

Control tower data monitoring

Independent last mile carrier networks for shippers

What We Do

We help shippers develop private,
last mile networks

We seamlessly connect partners
for real-time data

About 5 String Solutions:
5 String Solutions is the developer of the 5 String Bridge, a technology platform that connects a nationwide network of local and last mile service providers with shippers through a seamless integration.  

More Choice

More Data

More Visibility

The 5 String Bridge enables shipping parties and local service providers to be seamlessly integrated through a company’s existing dispatch and transportation management systems to retrieve rates, provide quotes, transmit shipment orders, retrieve real-time shipment status, view delivery confirmations and more.

Local service providers and shipping parties benefit from the ability to exchange real-time data for better shipment visibility across transportation providers from first to last mile.

Less Cost

Less Hassle

Less Redundancy


The Problem

Multiple Portal Madness:

  • Costly and not real-time visibility

  • Non-native mobile app

  • Compliance/ learning curve

1:1 EDI integrations:

  • Time-consuming and costly 3PLs

  • Don’t get to pick your partner providers

  • Higher cost paying a middleman


The 5 String Solution

API integration:

  • Use your native mobile app

  • Standalone mobile app option

  • Seamless, using your current software system

  • Several Options:
  • 1 source to several integrations

  • Develop a private last mile network

  • No middleman