Solving The Last Mile
Connectivity Problem

Single integration for real-time data exchange and visibility

Control tower data monitoring

Independent last mile carrier networks for shippers

We believe it should be far easier, less time-consuming and cost-effective to connect and manage your carrier partners.

What We Do

Help shippers develop private,
last mile networks

Electronically connect partners
for real-time data

About 5 String Solutions:
5 String Solutions is the developer of the 5 String Bridge, an API-based platform that connects a networked market of local and last mile carriers to multiple shipping parties needing their services.

More Choice

More Data

More Visibility

The 5 String Bridge enables shipping parties and delivery partner providers to be seamlessly integrated through a company’s existing dispatch and transportation management systems to retrieve rates, provide quotes, transmit shipment orders, retrieve real-time shipment status, view delivery confirmations and more.

Carriers and shipping parties benefit from the ability to exchange real-time data for better shipment visibility across transportation providers from first to last mile.

Less Cost

Less Hassle

Less Redundancy

The Problem

Multiple Portal Madness:

Costly and not real-time visibility

Non-native mobile app

Compliance/ learning curve

1:1 EDI integrations:

Time-consuming and costly 3PLs

Don’t get to pick your partner providers

Higher cost paying a middleman

5 String Solution

API integration

Use your native mobile app

Standalone mobile app option

Seamless, using your current software system

Emphasis on 1-to-many integrations

Develop a private last mile network

No middleman